Hi all!

Bands from all over the world have their favorite tunes they like to play. Maybe those songs are not famous but they like them anyway. We will show you what songs we like to play and why.

  • The Girl From Ipanema – This song almost plays by itself and we really don’t know what we like more; the chords or the fact that our singer sings it really good in Portuguese. Anyhow we really enjoy chilling with this one.



  • This Masquerade – This one is a pure gem, and we love all versions but we like ours the most. We have added some crazy drumming during the guitar solo and gave this song some power the other versions lack.



  • Summertime – One of the first songs we covered since we got a singer, and still it gives us an amazing time when we preform it live. People really like this one and it will probably remain one of our favorites for a long time. Playing this one on Wine Festival at Andricgrad will forever be in our memory.
fotografije: Nenad Jakovljević (www.myfoto.rs)
fotografije: Nenad Jakovljević (www.myfoto.rs)

Well that would be all for now, hope you like this three songs and if you do grab your self some good wine and chill. Cheers!